Arduino Robot
Check out our newly launched app called Bluetooth Serial Remote on Google Play.  This app can be used to control hobby robots that communicate using serial adapters such as HC-05 or HC-06. 

Shown below are images and video of a simple robot that was created using an Arduino controller and driven by 2 motors.  More details about both the app and the robot will be posted soon, along with source code.

Back View         
Front View

YouTube Video

Brief Instructions on Building the Robot:

Components Used in the Robot:


  • First assemble the Robot Car Chassis Kit.  The battery pack provided may not be of use.
  • You may have to drill additional holes on the chassis to accommodate the screw positions for the UNO R3 Board.  Column Standoff Support Spacers are needed to ensure that the board is situated high enough so that when the USB cable is plugged in it is not obstructed by the robot's wheels.  Mount the UNO R3 Board in the middle of the chassis such that there is enough space for the Breadboard in front. 

Wiring Diagram:

Wiring Diagram

Arduino Sketch / Source Code:

You can download the source code from the arduino-robot-car repository on Github